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Revenue Cycle Management

Meditrust Consulting LLC is a full service medical billing company providing end to end services to physicians, practices and hospitals. Outsourcing business is an integral part of today's world. Every sector of industry seems to have taken part in this process. Health care too, is now part of it. Medical Billing Services especially Revenue Cycle Management which can have a huge impact on revenue generation of a health care facility should be Outsourced.

Why Revenue Cycle Management is Important to Outsource?

One major importance of outsourcing RCM is in preventing revenue losses. Outstanding revenues and a disorganized revenue cycle pull down the efficiency of doctors and practices.

The National Average for rejected claims is 30%. Of that 30% only half of those claims are resubmitted, the other half sits in aging never to be refilled again.

Do you know how your billing staff or service currently handles these rejected claims?

Wouldn't you rather have that cash sitting in your bank account than out on your aging report?

How Meditrust Can help you in Revenue Cycle Management?

Meditrust help providers and medical practices to cope with their workload while taking the pressure of maintaining their Medical billing procedures off their hands.

Meditrust team gets you paid more and faster while reducing your costs. Our revenue cycle management services are supported by the Meditrust Team's deep industry expertise.

For any medical provider, medical billing is a laborious, time consuming and infrastructure heavy process. So it keeps your infrastructure tied up and other resources get stretched in order to try and keep your medical billing processes up to date. This is where we come in. We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of RCM services. We optimize your entire revenue cycle and take on your most time consuming tasks to ensure that your practice is running at maximum efficiency and profitability. Unlike many a medical billing company, Our team becomes an extension of your practice focused on your bottom line and reducing your administrative burden.

By leveraging these advantages you can streamline the functioning of your hospital/practice and ensure a high level of patient satisfaction

What Services does Meditrust provide?

As a whole the management of revenue cycle includes many things such as eligibility of patient, co-pay collection, correct claims coding, claims tracking, denied claims follow up, and payments collection

Meditrust provides quite a range of RCM services, which include:

  1. Eligibility Verification
  2. Charge Entry
  3. 24 to 48 hours Claim Submission
  4. ERA & EOB Posting
  5. Denial Management
  6. Account Receivables & Follow up
  7. Customized Reporting
  8. Patient Billing & Collections

MediTrust Consulting
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