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Medical Coding

Precise medical coding is critical in getting your services approved and paid by insurers. This is why it is so important you have the best medical coding specialists on your team to support the financial health of your practice. At Meditrust, our advanced coding personnel assure exact reporting and rapid turnaround is provided to insurers, guaranteeing you receive payments for services.

Our certified and credentialed staff knows how to read medical records and charts to assign the correct ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, CPT codes for procedures and HCPCS coding to maximize reimbursement and minimize denials. This guarantees a consistently healthy cash flow comes in without delays from inaccurate reporting.

ICD-10 medical coding

The ICD-10 implementation as expected has created across-the-board duress for physicians, payers, software vendors and any other provider of healthcare services requiring medical claims submissions. One method of overcoming this challenge to healthcare providers and facilities is to outsource their medical billing and collections as well as coding needs.

Apart from just the change in coding, the ICD-10 transition has also brought about huge challenges in A/R and Denial management. The percentage of denials has increase exponentially while the new system 'beds- in' between the provider generated coding and what the Payer systems can adjudicate. There are other challenges as well, that include updating the fee schedules to the new code sets and potentially an increase in the number of charge values corresponding to the increase in the number of codes in ICD-10. Though technology has played a major role in ensuring a smooth transition, there is a big manual effort involved as well.

Meditrust has AAPC and AHIMA certified ICD-10 coding team. Meditrust provides a full-suite of revenue cycle solutions and ICD-10 medical coding services.

We perform instantaneous code checks to confirm each and every claim against stringent government coding standards and other payer-specific reimburse rules and regulations. Our instantaneous code check includes,

  • CCI edit validation
  • ICD-10 coding
  • CPT coding
  • CPT / HCPCS code and modifier evaluation
  • CPT / HCPCS code sequencing
  • LCD – Local coverage decision
  • NCD- National coverage decision

Our team's credentials

  • FNP – BC
  • MSN, BSN, RN
  • CDC

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